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Hospitals and Medical Centers

• Chart Holders

• Commercial Wall Coverings

ο Corner Guards

ο Kick Plates

• Cover Plates

• Door Flags

• Furniture Accessories

ο Art Pedestals

ο Coffee Tables

ο End Tables

ο Nesting Tables

• Lighting Supplies

ο Egg Crate Lighting Panels

ο Prismatic Lighting Panels

ο Replacement Wrap-around

ο Lenses

ο Retro-fit Lenses

ο Silver & Gold Parabolic

• Louvers

• Literature Holders

ο Countertop

ο Door Mount

ο Floor Stands

ο Indoor/Outdoor

ο Wall Mount

• Plastic Sheet: Full or Cut-to-Size


ο Acrylic (Plexiglas®)

ο Acrylic Mirror

ο Corrugated Plastic

ο Expanded PVC

ο High Density Polyethylene

ο High Impact Acrylic

ο High Impact Polystyrene

ο Kydex®

ο Mechanical Plastics

ο Non-glare Acrylic

ο Oversized Sheet

ο Polycarbonate (Lexan®)

ο UV Filtering Acrylic

• Security Domes

• Security Mirrors

• Signage

ο ADA Approved

ο Bronze & Aluminum

ο Plaques

ο Indoor/Outdoor

ο In-house Screen Printing

ο Letters

ο Metal Signs

ο Parking Lot Signs

ο Sign Blanks

ο Traffic Signs

• Sneeze Guards

• Splash Guards